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Yan Preston Tutorial

Updated: May 16, 2019

I took the second printed version of my dummy book to Yan Preston. I was struggling to put the work into a book in a way that read well to the viewer. It felt like I was trying to stuff a large amount of emotion into a tiny box, it just wasn't working.

Yan could tell this from the book. We discussed how my work is not necessarily made to be inside a book and to consider more so the exhibition design in regards to installations and sculptures. Yan also suggested I take a look at Jeff Walls and how he uses a catalogue of his images along side of his exhibition as opposed to an actual book. This is certainly something to consider. Furthermore, to try using hyper feminine every day items and sculpt them into something new in the studio.

Researching into Sarah Maple after my previous tutorial session, I have ordered several hyper feminized self defence items that I am waiting to arrive. These items will be photographed as commercial items, further exploring the idea of femininity being idealised/commodified and profited from.

My work is directed more at making a statement rather than a book to sit and enjoy. The work is currently painful and difficult for some viewers to stomach. It needs to be re-directed to make a statement surrounding feminist issues rather than focusing so heavily on the emotions felt from it. Although the element of beauty is still within the project, one of my main objectives from the start of was to make beautiful images that allow the viewer to immerse themselves. I want to find a way of making the subject 'easier to stomach', so the true message can come through without the viewer wanting to walk away from the visceral quality of the images.

Going forward I plan to photograph the self defence items in a sculptural and commercial style. This will keep within the project the artistic expression while suggesting the items are commercialised for profit.

Pages 1-3 dummy book

Pages 4-6 dummy book

Pages 7-9 dummy book

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