• Rebecca Booth

Stomach Knots & Cyborgs

For this shoot I wanted two outcomes: to make a better quality/in focus version of Fig 3 from the previous post and to incorporate body parts as suggested from the interim exhibition. Using a mannequin with a face and body that is extremely typically feminine had two different outcomes: futuristic cyborg female and an in-the-womb-like-girl. This outcome depended on my editing choices in Lightroom and particular angles taken during shooting. I used the Nikon D800 for quality but this time used a 70mm lens as the shots were intended to be more standard portraits. Adding pink tissue to the lighting gave a soft pink glow and using the light diffuser pressed against the mannequins hair an face hid and revealed her in the right places (Fig 16, 17, 19). Using the mannequin added a soft sensual femininity, especially through soft lighting and the way the mannequin is covered. Figure 19 also reminded me of the fantastic oranges and red hair used by Shae Detar whose work is featured in Girl on Girl (Jansen, 2017, Pg 138-143). When photographing the tissue alone the colours of the tissue were more difficult to attain,

perhaps because of the different lighting and camera equipment, however, I prefer the new shape created as this appears more like a knotted stomach.

Peer Review

The appearance of the mannequin came off as futuristic and robotic, this idea of a utopian female robot take-over. I was asked what I wanted my images to do, and in response I said to be strong and beautiful. It was suggested to try the Risograph printer to add a new aesthetic to the image. The tissue looks like a knotted stomach and my peers liked the visceral quality and how they could feel the image was an emotion. I quite like the idea of a female take-over, therefore will try a more robotic feel to the next photo shoot and continue working with the mannequin. I feel red may work as a sign of danger and a ‘not to be messed with’, as there is something intimidating about the idea of a female robotic take-over. A role reversal of physical power.

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