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Speaking Surrealism

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

The aim this year is to create surrealist images mainly through the lens by experimenting with new textures, people and locations. Since the beginning of my degree I have been interested in symbolism, iconography and surrealist art. I find it fascinating how artists and photographers can seemingly pour their inner-self onto a page. For those willing to allow their automatist side to take over, the work produced can be highly successful, rewarding and interesting to witness. Using automatism whether in writing or photography was said by Breton to be similar to the "oceanic feeling" first thought of by Freud. It is this releasing and flowing of your innermost thoughts and feelings being freely and cathartically let go without the concern for societal judgements. This is a feeling I experienced during my second year of studying Photography. Exploring the ideas that freely came to me because of emotional trauma. The difficulty with making work related to such events is, although highly cathartic, putting them on a public platform can feel high risk. However, I managed to do this last year by redirecting the flow of my book to an idea/story that was more universal than personal. This meant my work could be understood without an autobiography discussing what I had produced and why. In the upcoming posts I will share with you the processes I go through to create surrealist work and what the mental and emotional connections are (if any).

This is an example of a self-portrait I produced last year for my studies.

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