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Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography

Updated: May 16, 2019

Held at the Tate Modern in London between 2 May – 14 October 2018, the Shape of Light was an eye opening experience. With photography being held as a way to represent the world as it is, this show demonstrated the beautiful and interesting ways in which photographers have shaped the light to give otherworldly images that play on the imagination.

What worked for artist Maya Rochat 'A Rock is a River' was the sheer size of the prints, with so much stunning detail, small prints could not have possibly done the work justice. The moving image Rochat overlayed and spread across the 5+ meter high wall made me feel small and want to immerse myself in the experience of her work.

Below Rochat discusses the way she works. By having a fixed aim sometimes you can lose the creative flow, rather than allowing for opportunities to come into fruition. Rochat allows herself space to be in the moment and experience the process which I believe is what makes her work so expressive.

"Each person has an experience that is completely unique - just by being there you are activating the show...the people, are changing - each moment is there just for you, and then it's gone. You can't really document it. It's also a way of sharing what happens when you make an image - you have these appartitions that appear in the moment. If it's too fixed I feel bored. It's not the end results, it's the process."

The exhibition on a whole helped me to understand where I want to take my project and the scope for it to be made. My project will be art based as I intend to work in a similar way to Rochat. My aim is to create self expressive work with the use of colours and shapes. Creating images that intrigue the viewer as to how it was made. I would like my audience to step inside the mind of my work. However, in opposition to Rochat, I would like to create the distortion through the lens completely, not by making changes after the image has been taken. What is important to me now, more so than before, is that I make work that is beautiful. I want it to appeal to the audience and have them take time to consider the materiality of the image itself.

Quotation from the exhibit:

"How can you be a pioneer in your own time if you’re copying the successes of the past? How can you make an impact with images, when everyone sees so many? I want my images to have a contemporary context. I want them to be images for today. - Maya Rochat

Maya Rochat - A Rock is a River

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