• Rebecca Booth

Rorschach Test

Using the Nikon D800 and macro lens as this worked so well on the previous shoot and using a female friend to model. The consensus for shoot three was to try out new materials and see what kind of new context they gave the image. During the shoot I kept the same lighting set-up but added coloured tissue paper or gels to the lights to add colour, or put gels and plastics directly in front of her face. Particularly pink and red, I did try orange and purple but it instantly created a context that felt outside of the Female Gaze. Using the light diffuser as a material to crush the models face was another way to suffocate and further hide the features of the face in Fig 12 and 14. The plastic netted material and the way it crosses over her face in Fig 15 and her gaze looking far out feels quite sci-fi, wondering what she is looking at. Also, the way the light shines from her eyes in Fig 13 also feels quite futuristic and space-like. As with all my shoots I have edited them in Lightroom to enhance colours, to see set-ups and editing processes.

In the review I was told images like Figure 12 looked similar to: psychological cards, the inside of the womb and blood stains. I was advised to try tights or stockings over the lens like Matthew Tischler, make-up over glass and to research into colour and emotions. Also, that by working with women it feels more like a collaborative female expression than purely my own. The question was as a woman portraying women do I want to show them as victims or survivors? And in response I feel I want to show to the process from victim to survivor.

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