• Rebecca Booth

Tissue Issue

Updated: May 16, 2019

In my previous work I used coloured tissue paper to create a shape similar to female genitalia. With that I would light up the paper from behind which gave the results seen here.

The focus of the work was around sexual consent and I was finding ways to suggest the female body. What I love about this technique is the simplicity that gives a wide range images. The colour and appearance of the material gives a realistic/visceral look to the suggestive shape.

Now, I am working towards more surrealist works I tried this technique again but just with some simple scrunching of the tissue paper. Below is one of the best from this experiment:

What I love about this image is the depth and range of tones. It has the look of a painting, the swirling and cracking of blood. Below are some further examples from the experiment. Overall, this experiment has created some intense, visceral and dramatic outcomes.

Camera: Sony A6000

Lens: Sony 16-50mm f/2.8 A Mount Lens

Lighting: 40W House lamp

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