• Rebecca Booth

Projecting the Gaze

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Taking on board feedback from tutors to use better quality cameras and other people I started shooting in the studio with a friend. I used a Nikon D800 for full frame resolution and a macro lens to keep detail in the material and face for extreme close up portraits. I worked on the premise of the Female Gaze, using hyper femininity with pinks, plastics and make-up while remaining with the idea of a suffocating feminine ideal. As expected projecting my gaze onto a female so intensely was quite uncomfortable at first, there was an odd sense of power in controlling the gaze which I did not expect. Through adding make-up to the portrait it re-iterates the idea of suffocating femininity much more effectively. The plastic material and the make-up play on each other, denoting; cosmetics, femininity and capitalism. In Lightroom I played with each image using the basic development tools such as colour balance, saturation and contrast. The reason for this was to bring out the feminine colours and harshen the tonality to reiterate the frustration.

In the review key words like Sex Doll and post feminism came up. This idea that women are used as commodities is evident through this style of shooting. The images are quite aggressive and in some cases erotic, giving a feeling of ecstasy because of her facial expression. I agree they appear to be like sex dolls, especially Figures 9 and 10, perhaps

something to build upon.

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