• Rebecca Booth

Portfolio Reviews with Mario Popham and Jack Greenwood

15 Minute reviews at the University of Huddersfield.

Mario Popham had previously reviewed my work back in November and noted the huge step forward since then. The use of the studio has massively pushed my work forward and given me more control of the outcome. The work is very visceral and some images feel difficult to look at but also make you want to look more. Mario suggested I look at two artists working in a similar way, Torbjorn Rodland and Rinko Kawauchi. Rodlands' imagery is very intense and uncomfortable. Kawauchis' work is beautiful through soft colour palette, choices of subject and the way she plays with light. Mario suggested I try more inanimate objects and apply some inspiration from these two artists.

I asked Jack Greenwood to describe my work in keywords and he used: organic, ominous, dark, birth, ambiguous, contemplative. He liked how I communicated emotion through materials and suggested a colour spectrum of dark to light for the final pieces. He suggested I look at David Benjamin Sherry, whose work is beautifully colourful and printed on large scale. There was a suggestion to also try the submerged work of the mannequin head in water with different liquids such as oil and lubricant, another play on the subject matter being about sexual violence. For the book he suggested it should be oversized, soft back and possibly fold out like a newspaper, and for the exhibition large scale prints.

The feedback overall from both professionals was very helpful. It gave me insight into my own work, that of other artists and new ideas of where to go next.

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