• Rebecca Booth

Philip Wielding & Joanna Piotrowska

Talk by Philip Wielding at University of Huddersfield about various personal projects.

Philips work is really about making fun of the office, the work is staged and highly performative. He is very playful and just does what is there in his head to see how it works out. Using boring products and taking them out of their everyday use so they appear 'unheimlich' (familiar, but not). This is a concept that fits my project and what I have done so far with various images. I like when people ask how my images are made and I often find myself questioning the same with other artists work who have used materials to abstract their work but kept some sense of reality within it.

Seeing how Philip used the layout on Photoshop to design his exhibition for the Format Festival was really useful and something I will use to design my final exhibit.

Philip suggested to take a look at Joanna Piotrowksa. This has lead me to 'Self Defense' from 2015, in which women perform self defense moves in an effort to empower women and question female passivity. The images are, on their own, beautiful and worthy. Yet, without the title the subject is not immediately obvious. Having previously considered photographing self defense items as beauty products, seeing the power in Piotrowskas' work certainly encourages me to try something similar. Perhaps as self portraiture and using colour to tie into my already colourful project.

From this I have ordered self defence objects for women and intend to photograph them once they arrive.

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