• Rebecca Booth

Karina Lax

The latest update on the narrative/sequence of my FMP.

During the meeting I showed Karina and my peers the latest book version of my project. I decided to ask Karina to tell me what she thought it was about rather than giving her a brief overview prior. The reason for this was to see, without my input, what an audience might interpret. She started with beauty/fashion conceptual and as the book progressed; onto life and death processes, growth and reproduction, road to recovery. She felt the images communicated to women without spelling it out. The use of colours are strong, but the images of the hair brush need to be sharper in focus and dark in contrast to pack the punch intended. Overall, there is something horribly beautiful about the images that keep her looking for longer. Going forward, the advice is to try out the images of the mannequin floating in water with a human, add text and take out or rethink the landscape images as they don't fit as well.

From that feedback I feel I gained some reassurance that my images are working by majority as intended and that layout and sequence adds to the story I am creating about recovery.

What I really want to try now is to research for more visual metaphors and how I can visually manifest these into the images. I want to create a peaceful last image to finish the book, leaving the viewer feeling at ease as the book closes.

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