• Rebecca Booth

Interim Exhibition

Class exhibition at the Market Hardware Gallery in Huddersfield.

After several attempts on Photoshop using the screen as a mock (100cmx200cm) wall for the exhibition I chose a selection of final images. Still undecided, I chose to experiment with sizes and paper types to put it to the test. I based my decisions on the feel and aesthetic of the images which best reflected my project/image choice.

Exhibition layout. Unfortunately the prints were taken down just a day after hanging due to an incident. This image was taken on a phone and the quality is not great.

Exhibition image details:

1. A4 Semi Gloss Card 300gsm hung with double sided sticking squares

2. A2 Matte Paper 180GSM hung with double sided sticking squares

3. A3 Acetate layered over A3 Full Gloss 180GSM pinned to the wall with 4 nails

4. A4 Semi Gloss Card 300gsm hung with double sided sticking squares

5. A4 Full Gloss 180GSM hung with double sided sticking squares

6. A3 Acetate pinned with 2 nails

I used acetate and full gloss layering on image 3 in an attempt to enhance the ghostly feel. By layering the A3 acetate on an A3 Full Gloss version of the same image it gave the appearance of an outer body experience. Both images were nailed to the wall at all four corners, but with the nails not fully in the wall it allowed room for me to pull the acetate sheet forward to the forefront of the nails. The nailing of the images adds tension because the aggressive way in which they are put into the wall and the fact the image is 'pinned' to the wall. A further possible reading for the viewer. However, the nails are quite thin, perhaps thicker more prominent nails might add to this idea of being aggressively pinned to the wall or could alternately lead to becoming too obvious/in-your-face.

Layered Acetate and Full Gloss

Feedback from Alex Baldea on this particular style was to try using different coloured images that layered or matched each other. Giving the example of Seba Kurtis who in his exhibition of Taclum, a documentary of refugees, used layering of colours and inanimate objects over portraits of the refugees themselves. Again, colour works so beautifully here, it allows the viewer to be drawn in on aesthetics alone to reveal a more troubling matter.

For the largest print (A2 size) in my exhibition, image 2, I used Matte Paper. The reason for this was to represent some calm and stillness amongst the fiery colours and connotations of the other images. The sizing came down to what this image represents, an overcoming.

I used semi gloss card for image 1 and 4 with the intention of giving them an advertisement quality. For 3 and 5 I chose full gloss to bring the images to life. However, after feedback from Alex Baldea and other peers they suggested I go full gloss for 1 and 4 as it would be that paper that gives the appearance of advertising.

In image 6 I reversed the acetate to give a matte effect, it was agreed with peers during hanging that it the aesthetic was stronger and balanced out the gloss in image 3. We had previously discussed using this image in a Lightbox, this is something I would like to try in the future. Although costs could be an issue.

Reverse acetate

Overall, the interim exhibition was a fantastic way to try out layouts, see the difference hanging and paper type makes and get feedback in time to create something more exciting for the final exhibit.

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