• Rebecca Booth

Frida Khalo in Budapest!

Held at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest I had the pleasure of seeing some of the masterpieces by Frida Khalo and get to grips with her life story which hugely influenced her work. Her work was a mirror of her life and self.

The gallery began with a timeline of her life and pivotal political moments in the history of Mexico. Leading through to pieces of her early works, self portraits and still life. Part of the gallery focused on Khalos influence leading all the way into the modern day and how even now her iconic style is still embodied in fashion, photography and art works. And lastly, a tribute to her huge love Diego and readings from her diary.

One of the pieces which really caught my attention was the painting below. The Circle, depicts the disintegration of Khalos body.

Frida Kahlo. The Circle. c. 1951

The power held within the explosion of red and movement of the body is really outstanding. Of all the magnificent and at times difficult to stomach work of Frida, this piece spoke to me in a way the others couldn't. This piece is so personal to Khalo but surreal enough to see oneself in it; something which within self portraiture is not easy to achieve. Although, I doubt Khalo was concerned with this idea when painting.

Overall, the exhibit was well laid out and in-depth on the life of Khalo, providing me with further inspiration for my surrealist project.

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