• Rebecca Booth

Exhibit One

Exhibiting a finished piece of work for the first time was an exciting and daunting experience. I had worked on my 28-page photobook for only 5 months. For some people this is considered a long time but for those in the industry understand that creating a photobook is a lengthy process of editing and re-editing, cutting down, trying and failing and countless considerations over the font, the size, the paper, the positioning, the sequencing, the title, never mind the photo selection! The book was based around sexual consent and throughout the book I have used iconography to tell the story.

The exhibit was held in the Market Gallery in Huddersfield in a space called Temporary Contemporary. The exhibit was held for 5 days and books from the second year students were on display for the general public to come in and take a look. They also had the opportunity to speak to the students running the gallery to discuss the work. The wonderful thing about exhibiting work is that you get different takes on your work and it is always good to see your work from a fresh set of eyes. The slight downfall is the location of the gallery did not give much footfall.

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