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Creating an Online Presence

Updated: May 16, 2019

Nearing the end of my degree and with my portfolio ready to go I have decided to overhaul both my Instagram platform and my website. I have paid to make my Wix Site official, this means no more advertisements and has allowed me to choose my own site address. This will give an overall more professional look.

My Instagram, LinkedIn and website have the same name to show fluidity between the three platforms. I have styled my Instagram to reflect my website. By using capital letters in the biography and ensuring all images are sized the same to give a consistent and sleek look. Posting the images in relevant order as this enhances meaning to each images. I have followed important people and publications in photography and reached out to pages like Undergrad Zine to have my work published in their magazine and on their Instagram.

Making the website was relatively easy as the site helps you build the pages. I have been through several changes with it but feel the most recent one reflects my style of work best. I researched other art practice photographers and the layouts are quite similar to the style I have gone for. Simple, white and a look of minimal effort. The images from my final major project are spread throughout the home page and the colours compliment each other. The menu separates the work styles into sub-sections of projects, commercial work, blog and contact details.

Website -

Instagram - @rebeccaboothphoto

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