• Rebecca Booth

Alumni Portfolio Review

Updated: May 16, 2019

Today some of the Universities Alumni came to do portfolio reviews on the work of our class. Laura Patrick is currently working in a studio that does a range of commercial practice and Josh Wilde is a freelance commercial photographer.

From the review with Laura Patrick she offered pointers on my website and how to separate my work in a way that makes sense to the viewer. She suggested to look at Layla Sailor for her style of photographing. Suggesting my work is similar to hers through tone and colour as it suggests femininity. For my exhibition she also suggested to try moving image, with ideas of a kaleidoscope to further exaggerate the distortion/confusion represented in my images. Laura was eager for me to take my work into the studio and experiment in there because of the control I will have over the outcome. We have planned to work together next week!

Josh said the work was illustrative, cynical and abstract. He agreed I need to take my work into the studio to help develop it further. In regards to professional practice Josh said it has worked for him by sending his work via e-mail to clients he would like to work for, researching into the brand and doing practice shots to send to them.

Overall, the portfolio reviews have given insight into my work, where I need to take it next and what I need to do. And even better, a connection with someone in the industry!

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